Sunday, September 21, 2008

all things aaron...

On another long crazy Friday night we had the ever distinctive Aaron Hockley over to answer questions about the upcoming Word Camp Portland. I'd suggest that you rush over to register for what's sure to be an outstanding conference/un-conference hybrid but it's already sold out. If you're one of the lucky 150 registered to attend you can get some inside info on what's going to happen.

When afterhours rolled around Aaron was brave enough to stay on the couch even though he knew we were going to ask about train porn, cabooses & politics. Join DrNormal, Aaron, Verso, MediaChick and a cold medicine messed up me for another special episode of Strange Love Afterhours full of shout outs and Portland people love.

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Join us Friday September 26th at 9:30pm for another live episode of Strange Love. We'll be starting 30 minutes early this week because I have to get my lazy self up and to Word Camp early in the morning (as does our guest). Oh, the guest... have I not yet mentioned that we'll have the fantastically talented Portland transplant Mark Colman on the couch?

As a special treat for all you early birds, afterhours will begin at 10:00 pm with another speical guest... YO! YO! YO!!!!

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