Sunday, September 28, 2008

sometimes you have to see it to believe it...

On Friday we were joined in studio by Photographer Mark Coleman for a chat about commercial, fashion, advertising and fine art photography (in general) and his career (in particular):

Oh no, what's going on?! Our mild mannered little show has been taken over by KRAM NAMLOC!!! Ordinarily I'd tell you just to give it a listen but this episode is worth watching if you have a chance (though it's not safe for work... or children)

Live TV : Ustream

Links mentioned in this episode:

Mark's Fine Art work

Abstract work inspired by the music of King Crimson

Hidden Within: My Life Among the Dead


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Join us Friday October 3rd at 10 PM for another live episode of Strange Love. On the next episode we'll be joined by Gary Walter. He's a man who's worn many hats and I'm sure we'll discuss the things he's done, mainly though I'm excited to talk to him about what he's doing with his blog: Confessing my Dad Attitude... a journey with a not-so-perfect Dad.

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