Sunday, September 14, 2008

podcaster and android and afterhours...

oh my.

Yes I know that lions and tigers and bears joke is the oldest lamest one in the blogosphere but what can I do... we recorded 3 shows in one day and each one is special and worthy of being showcased.

First up we have a special, 'breaking news' edition of our 30 minute tech show with Alex from iPhonePodcaster. He's been on our show in the past to talk about his iPhone streaming podcast web app but this interview came on the heels of his submission to the iPhone app store being rejected. The sound is a little choppy over skype but we get into a great discussion. Do take a listen to get the inside scoop on issues with the iPhone app store submission process and the impact it can have on an independent developer.

Even though the Kaos family currently has the iPhone love, it's only fair that we discuss other competing mobile platforms that are up-and-coming, so we picked up the phone conversation later on with the very knowledgeable Don Park who shared with us the ins and outs of Android (the google phone platform that is due out late fall early winter 08).

No Strange Love weekend would be complete without a healthy dose of afterhours. This particular afterhours has it all: geeks, underwear, barefoot lawn mowing, hot burning sun, naked people and we even burst into song... here's a snip it from the very active chat room and the hour long show. Listen in as we wrap up our evening with Don Park (and studio audience member Bryan Stearns) with a few good laughs.

the chat room on lawn mowing barefoot:

11:00 brampitoyo : “mowing barefoot means knowing what’s IN your lawn”
11:00 unclenate : Oh, sorry
11:00 turoczy : When I was a kid, there was a guy who mowed his law in bare feet
11:00 turoczy : UNTIL HE CUT HIS TOE OFF
11:01 turoczy : And then we spent a whole day looking for his toe

the chat room on who's the boss in the house of Strange Love

11:21 ahockley : Repeated theme: Cami is the boss of the doc
11:22 KramTV : poor DrNorm
11:22 samgrover : That's interesting. My girlfriend was the one that finally got me to go :)
11:22 KramTV : u lucky sam
11:22 unclenate : I'm sure she makes it worth his while... ;)
11:22 KramTV : LOL UN!
11:22 Alsymer : it would be SO fun to just catch tidbits of this ... frilly ... jockstrap ... fairy tale ... tape ... nipples ...
11:22 KramTV : tweet that!
11:23 KramTV : OH:
11:23 kmcdade : Edit together soundbites for a promo
11:23 brampitoyo : “ frilly ... jockstrap ... fairy tale ... tape ... nipples ... STRANGE LOVE LIVE”
11:23 brampitoyo : how’s that for a promotional ad? ;)
11:23 kmcdade : AFTERHOURS
11:24 docnormal : ahockley: your married and you wonder if Cami is the boss of me? ;)

the chat room on our musical number

11:58 turoczy : Phil Collins?
11:58 turoczy : Oh my lord
11:58 thiskat : oh, yeah
11:58 turoczy : Pleaes stop
11:58 agray : AWAY!!!!
11:58 dougcoleman : ...I can do speed metal versions of all his hits
11:58 KramTV : i leaving in 5 4 3...
11:58 turoczy : Stop
11:58 KramTV : 2...
11:58 docnormal : donpdonp sings!!!!!!!
11:58 KramTV : 1...
11:59 agray : Oh. My. God.
11:59 turoczy : This is the new bumper for my podcast
11:59 jmhelms : volume down...volume down....Ieekk
11:59 agray : LOOK AWAY!!!!!
11:59 znmeb : Now here's ex-astronaut Roger Houston!
11:59 brampitoyo : the first ever Strange Love Live karaoke!
00:01 camikaos : I am sorry if I broke any eardrums with my catterwallering

Just a little post show note, as of 10:11 AM Sunday September 14th donpdonp is now following me on twitter... let's just see how long that lasts...

As always you can listen to the show here, download them or subscribe so that you can always be the first to know when we've released a new episode...


Join us Friday September 19th at 10pm for another live episode of Strange Love. The latest guest in our recent string of lovely Portland people is Aaron Hockley. We'll start off the night for a talk about the who, what, when, where and why of Word Camp PDX. After 30 minutes of all things word press we'll shift over to #afterhours where we're sure to cover items including (but not limited to) photography, train porn, geekiness and why he doesn't love my new laptop.

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Ah, memories...that made me laugh all over again!